Sandler Partners Kicks Off 2017 Partner Summit Series in Dallas

Sandler Partners Kicks Off 2017 Partner Summit Series in Dallas

March 23, 2017

Sandler Partners today kicked off its 2017 series of partner summits in Dallas. This year's summit series includes Sandler's signature Tech Sales Training Camps, which kick off the day with three 30-minute crash courses on hot technologies ahead of the main day's programming.

Sandler Partners summits are invitation-only events developed exclusively for the benefit of the company's agent partners, that have earned significant praise in the communications, cloud and IT services space for their heavy focus on partner success training and networking. Notably, the summits deliver unparalleled training and networking in a single, carefully engineered day, allowing the company's sales partners to quickly gain the knowledge and skills they need to succeed without disruption in the day-to-day operations of their own companies.

Technology and sales training, industry trending, case studies and tips for technology services products and scenarios are delivered by Sandler Partners and technology provider channel managers, and by the "superstar" performers that have underpinned Sandler Partners' meteoric growth. The events also provide personalized networking between Sandler Partners sales partners and providers of cloud and connectivity services through social and networking events in a solutions showcase, and 1:1 meetings and VIP dinners. 

Additional Sandler Summits this year will commence in Chicago in May and Los Angeles in October. 


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