Improve the performance and reliability of your Internet and/or private WAN connectivity with ZeroOutages. ZeroOutages provides comprehensive WAN management services which optimize your cloud applications, including VoIP and other mission critical applications.

ZeroOutages ensures uptime for our customers by utilizing dynamic QoS to control bandwidth along with built-in WAN optimization (network caching, data deduplication, compression), enhanced security via IDS/IPS functionality, and by leveraging our highly sophisticated bi-directional WAN circuit testing.

Our customers, through the ZOOM portal, are given a simple platform to view their entire network, understand how it is being used, and determine how to make it more efficient and cost effective. When multiple WAN links are available ZeroOutages can even provide inexpensive and scalable bandwidth options.

Our Accelibond technology enables ZeroOutages to optimize how traffic is bonded and routed across the various active links, without having to send all of your data through a remote data center, as is the case with most other "bonding" or "Internet acceleration" solutions. This backauling of data is in efficient and leads to higher overall costs. ZeroOutages leverages "direct web" aggregation which means that individual sessions are distributed across the various connections.

ZeroOutages comprehensive Internet redundancy services also take advantage of our Vector Routing and Deep Path Inspection technology. This allows our customers to setup specific routing rules for their critical applications whereas ZeroOutages constantly checks each available path and determines when said traffic should be routed directly out one link or the other.

For VoIP deployments the ZeroOutages Active/Failover service will prioritization and carve out bandwidth specifically for VoIP traffic, thus preventing other types of downloads and data usage from interfering with phone calls. ZeroOutages also enables VoIP traffic specifically to utilize a single IP address, even when multiple Internet providers are being utilized, thus when a network failure occurs, all VoIP traffic will continue without interruption or having to reboot phones, etc.