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Communications and IT services are more complex than ever, with an array of cross-industry suppliers offering everything from bandwidth and backup to software-as-a-service (SaaS) and all things cloud. Which providers are best depends on product, region, technology and app, and pricing varies wildly.

Keeping track of it all is a full-time job, and even then only those immersed in telecom and IT services on a daily basis know which providers are best for your needs, and whether or not you’re paying too much.

Sandler Partners consultants take away the headaches of managing these services so you can focus on your own business with the confidence that an independent expert is making sure you always have the best services at the best prices. 


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Sandler Partners 5-Point Process

Our Value Proposition

Our approach to sourcing for telecom, cloud and IT services is keeping in mind what’s most important to you – saving money, leveraging best-of-breed solutions and easing ongoing management.




Low Cost

Low Cost






Case Studies



Details:  A major floral company that works with florists coast-to-coast turned to Sandler Partners for a custom SIP trunking solution.  The project, which involved several hundred direct inward dialing (DID) phone numbers from different cities and states, and spanning multiple telecom carriers, included the replacement of remote call forward (RCF) DIDs each billing at a minimum of $20 per month with SIP DIDs billing at 95 cents per month. Aside from generating substantial cost reductions, Sandler managed the paperwork, installation and ordering of several thousand new DIDs, taking the entire process off the client's shoulders. (Client reference available upon request.)


Details: A property management company with 19 properties requested an assessment and rollout of services from Sandler Partners.  The process required complete audit and network recommendations as well as services installation and project management.  At just the first site, Sandler worked with the local property manager to assess services, provided line sheets with instructions, eliminated unnecessary services, set up the property manager with a comprehensive understanding of services, capabilities and processes -- and future support -- while reducing costs by $1,800 per month.  The results achieved in this site alone led senior management to mandate a company-wide assessment by Sandler Partners.  (Client reference available upon request.) 


Details: A law firm that was moving to a new location turned to Sandler Partners for assistance in dealing with problems with its telecom services.  The client's carrier was experiencing load-balancing issues, so Sandler escalated the troubleshooting process, then extricated the client from its carrier contract for nonperformance when service did not improve.  Additionally, a hacker had penetrated the customer's phone system and made $65,000 in fraudulent international calls.  Sandler leveraged its relationship with a key carrier manager to cut the client's bill in half.  Finally, Sandler conducted a quote-and-review process for the customer, submitting paperwork and technical details for the customer's new location to the new carrier, and managing installation of new services.  As with all of our clients, this customer was amazed at the level of support delivered by Sandler Partners for no additional fee.  (Client reference available upon request.)


Average Enterprise Audit Savings

(in thousands of dollars)



DATA $202K




Best-In-Class Business Technology Solutions


Dedicated Internet, SD-WAN, T-1, Cable, DSL, Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Metro Ethernet, OCx, DS-3, IP VPN, IP MPLS, Private Lines, Managed Network Services, Network Engineering, Data Audits, etc.

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Cloud Computing, Cloud Desktops, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Managed Cloud Hosting, Cloud Audits, Cloud Migration, Cloud Strategy, etc.

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Voice, PBX Functionality, Presence Management, Integrated Messaging, File Sharing, Single Number Reach, Audio/Video/Web Conferencing, Collaboration, Contact Center, etc.

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With more than 100 service provider partnerships, Sandler Partners offers the full spectrum of voice solutions to fit any size business, budget, or requirement.

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Data Center/Colo

Cabinets, Cages, Private Pods, Private Suites, Scalable Power, Cooling, Layered Security, Cost/Risk Analysis and Optimization, etc.

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Business Continuity

Managed Security, Failover Solutions, Remote Data Storage, Backup and Recovery, Backup Lines, Weather/Storm-Resistant Redundancy, Wireless Redundancy, Network/Connection Monitoring and Optimization, Disaster Recovery Plans, etc.

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Firewall, VPN, Security-as-a-Service, Remote Access, Network-based Antivirus, Web Content Filtering, Intrusion Prevention, Intrusion Detection, PCI, Compliance, etc.

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Mobile Plans, Devices and Renewals, AT&T Mobility Solutions, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, T-Mobile, Mobile Expense Management and Analysis, Device Sourcing, BYOD Planning, etc.

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Some of Our Customers

Customer Testimonials

Note: Due to client privacy concerns, we have provided characterizations of select customers, along with a small sampling of endorsements. More details on these customers, and many other client referrals, are available through an NDA process upon request. Contact us for details.
My experience has been phenomenal with Sandler Partners. The rep has been very knowledgeable, honest and her consultation has cut our bills by over 50%. The experience is punctuated by the fact that we had negative experience with a previous IT company whereas Sandler Partners has been quite supportive, kept a time line, and mentioned small details that have really helped our company. Its been very refreshing to be treated this good old fashioned way and to see someone actually do what they say they’re going to do with a great amount of knowledge.
— Dave H., IT Manager, Floral Distribution Center
…We really value Sandler Partners commitment to quality and professionalism.
— Shirish P., IT Director, Technology company in 50 countries covering 4 continents
I have the greatest respect for the Sandler Partners team. They are a talented and effective consulting firm.
— Michael W., VP of Information Technology, Management co of 15 major hotels representing 4,300+ rooms
I have nothing but praise for Sandler Partners. Service is wonderful and everything is always explained very thoroughly.
— John M., Director of Information Technology, 250+ location real estate investment firm
My business with Sandler Partners has been the most professional telecom experience my customers and I have ever had the in this industry. The attention and customer care that is extended from Sandler Partners is the real deal and conveys a friendly essence of concern for the customer's need's and not their own. The partnership they build is a lifetime of friendship and attention as a business partner. I have enjoyed all my experiences with Sandler Partners and look forward to all future business opportunities with nothing to worry about but satisfied customers." (endorsement from AVAYA VAR, not AVAYA Corp.)
— VAR, President, Avaya VAR
Sandler Partners has enabled us to capture additional revenue by selling more products to our existing client base. It's been a pleasure to work with their team.
— Tom A., CEO, IT Consultancy
Sandler Partners has opened up amazing new opportunities for us.
— Gary D., President, IT Consultancy